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Our team at OTC Momentum created the newsletter to increase the probability of success on profiled companies. Subcribers, who receive OTC Momentum picks first, profit the most. Free signups can still trade profitably but their probability of success drops. The trick is in the timing. Subscribers free no deposit bingo receive the newsletter well before the opening of trades on Thursday morning. Highest chance of sustained profits starts at the opening or during the day on Thursday. Free signups receive the newsletter on Friday 2pm EST thereby seeing what was availble earlier and if there is still a decent probability of further success while carrying on the momentum.

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235% Year Gain as of:

Here are a few of our recent trades:

Axial Vector Engine Corp. (AXVC.PK)
Thursday Oct 9 (bought at $0.18) - Mon and Tue Oct 13-14 (sold at $0.25)
A strong 39% profit!

Falcon Technologies Inc. (FLCN)
Thursday Oct 16 (bought at $0.02) - Fri Oct 17 (sold at $0.035)
We achieved a 75% profit but some subscribers reported online bingo games selling at Thur close $0.08 a 400% gain and on Fri open $0.04 a 200% gain!

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Subscribers just pay a one-time fee of $37 to receive our twice weekly OTC Momentum trades. A great deal for penny stock traders and those looking for a new way to profit.

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Please email us anytime if you have any questions or comments - service@otcmomentum.com

About OTC Momentum

OTC Momentum seeks to identify momentum in the OTCBB and Pink Sheet stock markets. We are dedicated to finding and promoting stocks that are experiencing great buying momentum. These stocks are emerging growth companies that do not necessarily have widespread analyst coverage but some are none the less heading for very widespread analyst coverage when they are included in the Nasdaq and New York stock exchanges, eventually being included in some of the major indexes.

Most OTCBB and Pink Sheet companies have no analyst coverage thus leaving investors an opportunity for finding great potential momentum stocks.Investing on the momentum of small but rapidly growing companies has great appeal because of the tremendous upside. These penny stock companies are usually brand new to the markets and are exteremely low priced and have no where to go but up, way up. There are tons of stories of investors gaining tremendous wealth from buying low priced penny stocks and holding on to it while the company grows into huge companies. Perfect example of this include Microsoft in the 80s when certain investors identified the potential and others later got in early on the momentum that lasted over 20 years. Not all penny stock trades are this lucrative, or even profitable, but the potential that exists in the OTCBB and Pink Sheet markets cannot be matched. Penny stocks, techically those stocks priced below $1, usually exclusively trade on the OTCBB and Pink Sheet stock exchanges.

Most successful penny stock investors are "momentum" investors. When penny stocks move up (or down), they make big, lasting moves, the moves are a result of momentum. Some one or some group has identified a great company and have bought massive amounts, momentum investors recognize this and buy more, then a vast amount of institutions, index investors and the general public buy even more keeping the momentum going even higher. This is how penny stock momentum investors create their wealth. Here at OTC Momentum, we are dedicated to finding these OTCBB and Pink Sheet stocks that are in the early stages of this momentum or have yet to gain momentum but have the potential for a big momentum up in price.

Companies listed on the OTCBB and Pink Sheet stock exchanges share similar characteristics with other publicly traded companies on the Nasdaq and NYSE and are affected by events such as interest rate changes, economic changes and changes in the general business environment. Every investor is different and each has their own risk profile and no single portfolio should consist entirely of microcap OTCBB and Pink Sheet penny stocks, but a reasonable allocation put towards these stocks can help to increase overall long term investment results. Along with checking OTC Momentum daily, you should follow the general financial news for the changes mentioned above and adjust your investing allocation accordingly.

OTC Momentum is an advertising and information dissemination subsidiary of Capital Market LLC. If you are a publicly traded company and would like to know how you can be profiled, please go to Targeted IR and contact us there.


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The Little Black Book of Microcap Investing: Beat the Market with NASDAQ/AMEX Microcap Stocks, OTCBB Penny Stocks, and Pink Sheet Stocks
by Dan Holtzclaw
Beat Online Hype and Unearth the Real Stock Market Winners by Kevin Lichtman and Lynn N. Duke
If you would like your company profiled on OTC Momentum, please visit Targeted IR and SKM Targeted IR

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DISCLAIMER & RISK DISCLOSURE: Capital Market LLC and OTCMomentum.com is not a registered investment advisers or broker/dealer. Capital Market LLC and OTCMomentum.com makes no recommendation that the purchase of securities of companies profiled or otherwise mentioned in this website is suitable or advisable for any person or that an investment such securities will be profitable. In general, given the nature of the companies profiled and the lack of an active trading market for their securities, investing in such securities is highly speculative and carries a high degree of risk. Most of the companies we cover provide compensation for profile coverage, and that can be found in the Disclaimers page of this site.

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